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The Telugu Language has a rich and long literary tradition, consisting of poems, stories, dramas and puranas. Many famous authors have contributed beautiful works, including the entire Mahabharata, which was translated into Telugu by Nannaya, Tikkana and Errana. “Amuktamalyada”, by Sri Krishnadevaraya, is one of the five greatest works in Telugu Literature. The Kirtanas from Annamacharya and the poems from Yogi Vemana have also earned their place in history.

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India is a spiritual land with a culture and heritage which is thousands of years old. The roots of Hinduism are lying in the Vedic traditions with its ancient scriptures. Even today, the priests in the temples are reciting the mantras from the sacred texts and performing the traditional rituals and fire ceremonies, calling upon the blessings of the deities.

Increase your understanding of Indian spirituality by studying the mantras, slokas and spiritual songs along with their translations.

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