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Facebook Buttons

ఇష్టం - వ్యాఖ్య - భాగస్వామ్యం చేయండి (Telugu)
iṣṭaṁ - vyākhya - bhāgasvāmyaṁ cēyaṇḍi (Transliteration)
Like - Comment - Share (English)
Gefällt mir - Kommentieren - Teilen (German)
To se mi líbí - Komentář - Sdílet (Czech)

Look, how the Facebook buttons are called in Telugu…

Schau mal, wie die Facebook - Schaltflächen auf Telugu heißen…


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Comments (1)

venkatesh Oct 16, 2014 12:07 PM

Hi, first of all i would like to appreciate for all the efforts you have put gather all these information.

fb tags are verbs , i think Like refers –ishtapadu, comment —vyakhyaninchu, share –panchu

please correct me of i am wrong