Our YouTube Channel

Telugu Basha has its own YouTube Channel with many different playlists: just to name a few…

  • Spirituality: here you find a nice collection of Mantras and Stotrams, but also spiritual music videos and poems. Most of them have either telugu or english lyrics.
  • Learning Material: these are some good stories that help you to improve your reading skills, but also your overall understanding of the language
  • Telugu History and Literature: here are some nice clips with some more detailed background information regarding Telugu History and Literature
  • Music Videos with lyrics: here are some nice modern Telugu songs, most of them with telugu or english lyrics
  • Favorite Indian Music Videos is a nice collection of not just Telugu songs…
  • and then there is also some good Telugu movies and some funny comedy scenes…

so it is worth to have a look…

Telugu Basha YouTube Channel


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